Naruto 453 | Sasuke’s Assassination Part 2

Naruto 453 | Sasuke’s Assassination Part 2

Naruto: What do you mean by Sauke being a part of Akatsuki?

Omoi: What an idiot are you? This Uchiha retard came to us with three other people in Akatsuki coats and attacked my master Killerbee, the eight tails.

Sakura: With three other people?

Karuhi: Yes, reports say a crazy girl, a big guy and strange guy with a sword taller than he is. Killerbee wiped the floor with him more than once but after biting this girl he miraculous recovered. In the end sensai lost and got abducted.

Omoi: This little bastard and his criminal goons who work for Akatsuki. I will never forgive him if anything has happened to my master.

Samui appears

Samui Keep cool, both of you.

Omoi+Karuhi: Why should we?

Omoi: They are friends with this renegade Uchiha who abducted our teacher and probably killed him. There is no way I would calm down especially since they sudden attack us while we just wanted to talk.

Sai: Your partner pointed with a sword towards Sakura. We just attacked in self defence.

Omoi: eh…

Samui: So it seems it was just a misunderstanding.

Tenzou shows up

Tenzou: What a rant do you execute here? All stay calm. I witnessed what happened and must say, all overreacted a little.

Sakura: Captain Yamato…

Tenzou: I don’t doubt the true in your words because there is no reason for it but it also is strange that the came in a group of four. Akatsuki only operates in two man cells.

Omoi: They just knew Killber-sama was a tough nut and therefore send four instead of two people.

Naruto: No, this can’t be. Even their former leader who was after me and whom I just defeat had a partner.

Karuhi: After you??? Do you say you’re…

Sakura: Yes, he is the Jinchuriki of the nine tails.

Karui: … No wonder you’re strong enough to parry me.

Samui: Even knowing Akatsuki is after you and he is in Akatsuki now you believe in him… You must not only be naïve but also dumb… Though, the thing with the two man cells are interesting.
Switch scene to Sasuke and Hawk

Along their way to Konoha they pass two random travellers.

Traveller 1: Hey, did you here?

Traveller 2: Hear what?

Traveller 1: Konohagakure got levelled down and complete destroyed by the leader of this mysterious Akatsuki organization people speak about so much.

Sasuke: …!!!

Traveller 1: And a kid he obviously was after shall have defeated him.

Sasuke: …!!!!!

Karin: Sasuke…

Suigetsu: Well, this is saving us work.

Traveller 2: Is that so? What a shame… Konoha was the prettiest village I ever saw…

Then, they are out of range to hear.

Switch scene back to Naruto

Naruto: What ever it is I still believe Sasuke isn’t an Akatsuki and your master is all right.

Omoi: And if that is so, why should he stay away of the village you dumbass?

Naruto: Because I am myself a Jinchuriki I know how they get treated. I can understand why he keeps distance.

Karuhi: How will you know, you may be right with this but he is the brother of Raikage-sama.

Naruto: This doesn’t change much. I am as well related to a legend in our village’s history and still got treaded like I was the demon itself…

Sakura: What does he mean…?

Omoi: Don’t talk crap and even if so, he still hurt and abducted him. You can’t understand what it is like to loose someone precious.

Naruto: I do, Pain killed master Ero-Sennin Jiraya, destroyed our whole village killed Kakashi sensei and while I fought him and laid down a moment Hinata jumped in to protect me and confessed her love to me but he cold hearty stabbed her. During all that he spoke about the pain he had to endure and about it is necessary to understand one others pain only is possible if you went through the same.

Sakura: But Kakashi sensei is still alive, does he intend to trick them?

Naruto: After I stopped the last of his six bodies he controlled with his Rinnengan and found where he hides. I went to his position to talk with him and I had more than one chance to kill him there but after I heard his story and learned what made him to what he was.. I couldn’t forgive him for what he did but I didn’t kill him.

Samui: But didn’t you just say you defeated him?

Naruto: Defeat doesn’t mean kill someone. After our talk he realized he took the wrong path for peace through wars and sacrificed himself to resurrect all he killed. I know your master is still alive and Sasuke did this because he wants to defeat Akatsuki from the inner.

Omoi+Karui: !!!

Naruto: If you want to hunt for him I will follow you because I want to speak with him one last time but before I must see this Danzou guy.

Samui: Well since you’re the Ninetails and Akatsuki is after you and since this Sasuke appears to be an member of them it could become easier to find him so therefore I don’t mind.

Sakura: If Naruto goes I go too.

Sai: And I as well.

Kakashi shows up.

Kakashi: Hold o a moment, you can’t easy leave Konoha without permission and as it currently is it won’t become easy.
Switch scene to Kabuto

He approach a person completely covered in shadows.

Shady Person: So you finally here and again too late. I already thought you won’t show up like the last time.

Kabuto: Sorry got some Konoha dogs at my tail and had to get them loss.

Shady Person: Seems the time staying with Orochimaru was not good for you sneaking skills…

Kabuto: No. My skills are the same, the Konohan Shinobi are just better than expected. Anyway, why did you send after me? scholarization.wordpress.com

Shady Person: Well it seems Madara and Akatsuki are short on members and will fail soon. In addition, this Uchiha kid, Sasuke was his name, you know him and his Team doesn’t really seem they want to help them…

Kabuto: Yeah I do and since he only cares for his revenge and not helping Akatsuki as hoped you won’t mind if I kill him next time I meet him?
Shady Person: Do as you please, as it is now he has no worth for us. Just find a way to aid Akatsuki without revealing yourself because you know…

Kabuto: Yes the tailed demons are in the way of our plans and therefore must be sealed.

Shady Person: Good and keep an eye at the nine tails since he is the strongest and if your unable to get him find an other way.

Kabuto: I will but I doubt I will be able to do something against him. Seems we have to search another way. However, if were lucky we can make arrangements such as Sasuke fighting the Kyuubi and therefore still work for our interests.

Shady Person: Good, your now dismissed.

Something new has appeared and the Tailed Demons appear to be in their way. Who are they and what interests do they have…

End of chapter next issue What happens now?

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